Hans Idema

As we humans and our corporations cultivated mother earth, we also used it for a large part. Iím largely inspired by corporations and initiatives as the Black Jaguar Foundation that show how human intelligence and perseverance can lift innovation to a different level. A level where economy helps, not ruins, our planet. A new level, perhaps, for humanity itself. I find it more than rewarding to even have the tiniest part in this, and feel challenged to inspiring others in adapting a social corporate philosophy to bring their organization to a higher level of humanity and profitability as well.
There is so much to feel guilty about. Loving petrol-powered cars and motor bikes is one of those, for me. The thing is that punishing yourself doesnít help the world any further, nor will an extra 10% of fuel reduction lead the world to a new era of prosperity and health. We, the world, need much more than Ďreductioní to design a future. We need to invest whatever we can, our ingenuity, our common sense or our financial surplus to innovate our economic and business models. Itís fun as well, you know - and thatís nothing to be ashamed about.

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