Nicole Bekhuis

The BJF fits with who I am, with my own values and believes.
Ultimately, the goals pursued by the BJF, will have an impact on all of us, including you.

Whether you live a luxurious life or live your life in pure simplicity; water, earth, oxygen & raw materials, are the sources on which we create our lives. Everything we surround ourselves with has been given to us by Mother Earth. We are not always fully aware of this, at least I am not!

The interdependency between nature, animals and mankind is essential to create and maintain life. Without being connected and interlinked with each other we might affect the crucial equilibrium. It's like the balance you find within a good piece of music: by orchestration divers and unique talents, we create beautiful music.

I want to live my life based on my unique motives & passion interconnected with my love for mother nature and all her living creatures. The BJF is another way for me to contribute to these personal goals.

This piece of music, composed by Kyteman expresses how I perceive our world: a setting in which unique elements come together, play, learn, love and open our minds to new insights...