General terms & conditions

1.  The donor has the right within 5 working days to refrain his donation. This must be submitted via email or by letter to the Foundation Black Jaguar Foundation.

2. Stichting Black Jaguar Foundation will do everything in its power to achieve the purpose of its first project, the filming of wild black jaguars. Though they can not guarantee to its donors and sponsors a successful result and they can not be held liable.

3. Foundation Black Jaguar Foundation reserves the right at any time, to change these general conditions.

4. Contributors contact details from online donations may be used only to thank the donor in question. Providing the contact details of donors or sponsors to other organizations or bodies is not allowed.

5. Donors and sponsors are kept informed of the progress of the projects of the Foundation Black Jaguar Foundation via this website.

6. Regarding questions, suggestions or complaints, donors and sponsors can contact the Stichting Black Jaguar Foundation by e-mail to

7. It is possible to donate anonymously, as such not any privacy information will be passed on to any organization.

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