Sjoerd van Schaaijk

I‘ve never been in the habit to lose myself completely in my professional life because of the urge to enjoy the private one. Being part of great initiatives like the BJF contributes to this enjoyment.

It combines pro and private in a great way and inspires others, like Ben and BJF keep inspiring me.

Why the Black Jaguar Foundation?
I met Ben about 8 years ago and helped him in a small way in his Iditarod ambitions. Since then Ben has been a friend with nothing but good intentions who’s been inspiring me personally as well as my professional team at Bouwmeester Groep. So to be honest, it’s not the big black cat that convinced me to join up. It’s the chance to be part of something that makes a difference. It’s the way Ben picked up this project with the same enthusiasm as he did the ones before this one and manages to make something great out of it. I helped him then, I will help him now, so the journey continues and you can hop on if you want! 

Ps. off course, in a way it has to be some kind of good parenting example for my two girls ;-)

For a little inspiration: We have a lot of waking up to do and need other/new angles to do so because regular alarm clocks aren’t working anymore.

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