Mr. Kees Rijnhout

Kees Rijnhout (1963) is involved as an entrepreneur already all his life. Being the 4th generation in a family company he is underwriting the need for a much better and healthier world in the future. His career is based upon profitable business models and key words as sustainability and transparancy play a dominent role in his life. After being succesful in several businesses he is now donating part of his time  to the BJF foundation, in order to get as much attention and funds as possible.

Kees Rijnhout (1963) began his entrepreneurial career when he was only 17 years old, by starting up a business in Saudi Arabia, where he sold fresh foods as vegetables, fruits, meat and fish from Europe to supermarkets and five-star hotels in the Middle East. After several wanderings throughout the rest of the world he bought company 'Royal van Namen' at the young age of 22. Being a member of the 4th generation in the family company he expanded his international ambitions at a high rate.

It felt like 'coming home' when he bought several companies in the eastern part of The Netherlands, and merged them into a sustainable wholesale company Freshhouse. He has also led several companies in the FMCG industry in the field of onions, premium ice cream and many more.

After having sold Freshhouse to a leading Dutch retailer in 2003 Kees became Chain manager to the Taskforce Market Development for Organic Farming, to promote and stimulate the consumption of organic foods on the Dutch markets.

Since 2007 he became the owner of Jaguar the fresh company, a leading sustainable supplier of fresh fruits to the EU retail market, being a specialist in citrus fruits and grapes. Also Jaguar the fresh company is involved very intensively with sustainability projects with large social and environmental impact on several parts of the world. For example to increase biodiversity on the fields, arrange schooling for children, reduce the usage of chemicals on the products and bring down water use to grow fruits.

The last few years of his career Kees Rijnhout worked mainly on sustainability projects, and is giving guest lectures on several universities about 'Social and Sustainable Entrepreneurship'. A profitable business model must support the importance of a sustainable company. He became a Registred Mediator in 2012, and is using his knowledge about running companies to settle disputes with several conflict partners in friendly ways.

Moreover this he is committed helping family companies and advising start-ups to get into new markets and business models, driven by sustainability.

Kees is and has been a board member of different companies and foundations, from his experiences with leadership and family companies.



Why I became ambassador of the Black Jaguar Foundation

In 2014 I heard for the first time about BJF. The connection is our mutual company names Jaguar the fresh company and Black Jaguar Foundation. This black pedator is the strongest among other predators in the Savannahs and jungle of Brasil.

The need for strong and healthy 'lungs of the world'  is very important for mankind, now and in the future. I have made the goal of BJF to make a Green Corridor among the Araguaia river to my personal goal, and the foundation can count on me for spreading the word, fund raising and other services to make a much better world for our children and us.

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