Jacqueline Goffart

« Agir rend heureux »
« Mettre l’écologie au cœur des consciences »
« Il est trop tard pour être pessimiste »

When I discovered « 7 billion others » and worked as a volunteer in the first Paris exhibition of 2009, I felt the urge to get involved in the projects of the Foundation GoodPlanet and that’s when Yann Arthus-Bertrand entrusted me with the management of HOME.
Thanks to HOME I’ve had the opportunity to meet a wide range of committed people throughout the world, individuals with amazing, even crazy projects, people with incredible values, people who restore faith in HUMANITY.  It’s been a pleasure to put them in touch.  That’s how I met Ben Valks and discovered the Black Jaguar Foundation.
I have learnt this is what I like to do, act according to my responsibilities for fair causes that ring true.
My love for nature dates back, there’s no doubt about it, from my earliest childhood. My mother’s father worked as a forest warden and he used to speak to me about nature, trees, flowers and rivers… It was really fascinating.
I have also learnt that if you want to live in peace with Nature you have to live in peace with the others, and thus in peace with yourself. I guess that’s where we need to start…

The following video represents the starting point to my commitment :


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