Hans Knoop

When I heard that the endangered black jaguar had never been filmed in the wild and that the Black Jaguar Foundation intends to make a documentary about this animal to promote a large conservation project, I was immediately keen to give my support.

In my almost 50-year professional career as a journalist, I also tried to push the boundaries to bring difficult assignments to a good end.

Specially when the ‘Umwelt’ told me something was not possible, my ambitions were stimulated. But other than the Black Jaguar Foundation, I worked for a product which had a shelf life of only 1 day. The newspaper article I gave my life for on a particular day, was used as packing material in the bazaar the following day.

How different are the projects of the Black Jaguar Foundation: contributing to the largest wildlife-corridor on earth and preserving endangered jaguars from extinction. One can only get enthusiastic for such initiatives!!


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